• Lighting with distinction

    The Irideon® line of architectural fixtures from ETC features exceptional light output and a sleek, unassuming industrial design that blends in with any space. The WLZ or, Wash Light Zoom fixture, is no exception. This feature-rich design is ideal for museums, lobbies, and retail environments.

    Similar to the other fixtures in the Irideon family, the WLZ is available in a wide variety of color temperatures ranging from 3000 K to 5000 K, and three mounting variations; DataTrack, portable with c-clamp, and canopy.

    Irideon WLZ boasts a set enhancements including a soft beam that can be barn-doored, zoom optics, and the ability to dim using either DMX or a local dimming knob located on the DataTrack adapter.

    Irideon WLZ gif
    Product Name

    Turn your attention to the light

    The most innovative feature of the WLZ is the built-in rotating zoom adjustment at the rear of the fixture housing. This enables beam angle adjustment within an impressive range of 9-78 degrees. The zoom position markers on the fixture make fixture-to-fixture referencing quick and easy.

    • A magnetic media holder
    • An optional barn door accessory
    • A single Cree LED for illumination.  Available as:
      • 3000 K,  
      • 3000K Gallery (90+ CRI)
      • 4000 K  or
      • 5000 K LEDs
    • A variety of mounting options
      • Portable with c-clamp
      • Canopy – available with either DMX, 0-10V, or DALI control
      • 120V DataTrack and 230V Eutrac
    Product Name

    Irideon WLZ

    • Exceptional optics, beam, and brightness
    • Backed by ETC’s award-winning service and support
    • 5 year warranty on the full fixture
    • 10 year warranty on the LED array

    Control Options
    Track Canopy Portable
    Line Dimming
    DMX Dimming
    DALI Dimming
    0-10v Dimming