Source Four HPL lamp

Source Four HPL lamp

There's an HPL lamp for any of your lighting needs

The creation of a Source Four® fixture starts with the efficient HPL, making possible a 575W Source Four that outperforms a typical 1000W fixture. Stage, touring, studio, long-life architectural - there is an HPL lamp for your lighting needs.

If your facility's voltage is 118 volts, a 115 volt lamp isn't right for your needs. That's why there is an HPL just for your situation, from 375W to 750W, from 115V to 240V, and in your choice of high-output or long-life versions.

Lamp models

* 77 Volt HPL lamps are for use with ETC Dimmer Doubling technology only.

** Photometric data was prepared using a production fixture and the Prometric CCD measurement system. Fixture adjusted for cosine distribution and tested with calibrated lamp at rated voltage. All data normalized to nominal lamp lumens in accordance with IES LM-73-04. Testing performed at ETC West, Hollywood, CA. All other multiplying factors extrapolated from primary test data.

HPL Specified Tolerances: Watts +/- 5%, Lumens +/-7%, Average life +/-10%, Color Temperature +/- 50K

Product Features

  • Compact tungsten filament
  • Innovative four-coil filament design
  • Integral heat-sink base
  • Positive thermal connection for effective heat dissipation
  • Keyed for precise alignment in socket assembly