Selador Pearl CE


Just the right colour of white light - for the eye or the camera

ETC introduces the Pearl™ CE luminaire as the newest member of the Selador Series® LED line. Pearl takes advantage of the best traits of the newest white LED offerings. Combining simplicity of use and the powerful output of white LEDs, Pearl provides a bright white light for studio and stage. Pearl provides a carefully chosen mix of warm white (3200K) and cool white (5600K) LEDs that can be variably adjusted to provide just the right colour temperature of white light - for the eye or the camera.


Pearl's extremely flexible lens system gives the user incredible control over the field size - from a narrow, soft-edge 17° spot -- to an extremely wide 80° field of light. Pearl produces 3460 lumens from less than 125 watts of power, so the power at your video location goes a whole lot further.