Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

ETC's Line of Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Desire D40XT and D40XTI

Desire D40XT & D40XTI

LED lighting the way you want it. The D40XT and D40XTI luminaires provide you with the same brilliant x7 color system as the D40, but in a body that's specifically made to withstand the elements. 40 LUXEON® Rebel emitters and a variety of mounting options means you can put these durable luminaires nearly anywhere and still get the high-quality, high-efficiency performance that you need.

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Desire D60X & D60XTI

The brightest, boldest light from an LED luminaire. The D60 luminaire is the brightest fixture in the Desire family. With 60 energy-saving Luxeon emitters, it produces powerful, high-intensity light. Complete with operating modes and settings, the Desire D60 fixture is a multipurpose tool for a variety of applications.

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