• Wings help your workflow take flight

    When you need a little extra work surface for programming on the fly, Wings are must-have accessories.  Eos Programming Wings and Universal Fader Wings increase the versatility of your Eos® Family system by giving you extra, modular options for hands-on control wherever and whenever you need it. 

  • Eos Motorized Fader Wing
    Control at your fingertips - whenever you need it

    Speed up your workflow with up to three add-on Motorized Fader Wings, bringing more hands-on playback control for Eos Family consoles, remote stations and ETCnomad systems.

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    Eos Programming Wing
    A programming surface that flies wherever you do

    Need to program on the road or from a remote station?  The Eos Programming Wing provides a dedicated facepanel for ETCnomad™ and Eos/Ion® RPUs and RVIs.  The Programming Wing uses the same accessible keyboard layout as the Gio® console, so you can take your programming workflow with you wherever you go.

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    Universal Fader Wings
    Configurable manual control at your fingertips

    Need fader control for your ETCnomad or Ion or more faders for your Eos or Gio?  Add on the modular Universal Fader Wings, and manual lighting control is at your fingertips.

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  • Eos Programming Wing System

    Eos Programming Wing System

    Universal Fader 3