Cobalt 10

  • S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

    • 16,384 Outputs/parameters
    • 5,000 Control Channels
    • 9,999,999 Presets
    • 4 x 999 Palettes (Focus, Color, Beam, All)
    • 999 Groups
    • 999 Macros
    • 999 Sequences
    • 999 Master Pages
    • 99 Effect Playbacks
    • Supports three external DisplayPort monitors starting at 1280x1024 resolution with optional touchscreen control
    • Solid-State Hard Disk
    • Seven USB 2.0 ports for USB flashdrive, pointing devices, keyboards

    • Two individually configurable Ethernet ports, 802.3afcompliant PoE
    • ETCNet2, Net3 (powered by ACN), sACN and ArtNet output protocols
    • Two DMX512A/RDM ports
    • Contact closure triggers via D-Sub connector
    • Three female IEC connectors
    • Three video connectors support DisplayPort external displays (1280x1024 minimum resolution) with optional single- or multi-touch screen control
    • USB 2.0 multipurpose (seven ports)
    • Client PC via Ethernet (requires Client Dongle)
    • Net3 Radio Focus Remote (RFR) via USB or Ethernet
    • Phone Remote
    • OSC Open Sound Control via Ethernet
    • UDP event triggering via Ethernet
    • aRFR for Android devices and iRFR for Apple iOS devices via wireless Ethernet
    • MIDI in/out (MIDI timecode, MIDI notes, MIDI Show Control (MSC))
    • MIDI timecode, MIDI Show Control through Net3 Show Control Gateway
    • SMPTE timecode through Net3 Show Control Gateway
    • Contact closure (12 analog inputs, 12 SPDT contact outputs, RS-232) through Net3 I/O Gateway
    • Support for up to 60 additional master playbacks using Cobalt Motorized Fader Wings, Universal Fader Wings or the Congo jr™ Master Playback Wing

    • AC input (100 - 240V at 50/60 Hz)
    • Maximum power consumption (excluding external monitors) approximately 2A 120/240V

      inches mm inches mm inches mm
    Cobalt 10 12.5 318 31.9 811 23.5 597


      lbs kgs lbs kgs
    Cobalt 10 55 24.9 63.5 28.8

    *Weights and dimensions typical

    Cobalt 10
    Cobalt 10
    CBLT 10-US Cobalt 10 Console, 2,048 Outputs, US Accessories
    CBLT -LS-US Cobalt Light Server, 4,096 Outputs
    ETCNOMAD Cobalt ETCnomad, 1,024 Outputs
    CBLT 512 Cobalt Output Upgrade, 512 Outputs

    Output protocols are distributed using ETCNet2 DMX Nodes or Net3 DMX/RDM Gateways. I/O Gateways and Show Control Gateways provide switch-closure functionality, MIDI and SMPTE time code.

    Cobalt 10 is offered as a base console with 5000 control channels and 2,048 outputs (four universes of DMX512A). A single control channel may control only intensity (dimmers) or it may control a DMX-controlled device (moving light, LED, media server, etc.).

    To increase the capacity of the console, order additional 512-output upgrades.

    For example, to take the console to its maximum configuration, order a console and twenty-eight (28) 512-output upgrades.

    2,048 outputs + (28x512) = 16,384 outputs (32 universes of DMX512)

    Two universes are available at the console via 5-Pin XLR and all universes may be distributed via Ethernet-based methods, including Net3 DMX/RDM Gateways, ETCNet2 DMX Nodes and/or ArtNet nodes (purchased separately).

    Cobalt Accessories
    Cobalt MFW20 Cobalt Motorized Fader Wing 20
    Cobalt MFW10 Cobalt Motorized Fader Wing 10
    NET3 RFR ETC Net3 Radio Focus Remote
    NET3-RFR-RX ETC Net3 Radio Focus Remote, receiver only
    NET3-RFR-TX ETC Net3 Radio Focus Remote, transmitter only
    CBLT Littlite Cobalt Littlite® Worklights (spare)
    CBLT 10 Flightcase Cobalt Flightcase
    NET3 RVI ETCNet3 Remote Video Interface
    19” LCD 19” Flat-screen display (1280x1024)
    19”LCD-T 19” Touchscreen display
    WMON Wide-format flat-screen display
    WMONTS Wide-format multi-touch display

    Cobalt Offline Editor software for Mac and PC platforms is available for download from 

    • Power cord
    • Dust cover
    • Two Littlite® worklights
    • Mouse and mousepad
    • External alpha-numeric keyboard (US model only)