Handheld Touchscreen

Handheld Touchscreen

Elegant portable control

The Handheld Paradigm Touchscreen allows flexible control of your system wherever it is convenient for you to work. The Handheld's tough aluminum frame stands up to the abuse of busy commercial environments. 

Used wirelessly, the Handheld Touchscreen employs ETC's innovative MeshConnect  wireless technology to communicate with the Paradigm's Tabletop Touchscreen Dock or Paradigm Access Point Accessories. The Handheld runs on an internal, lithium-ion battery for hours of continuous wireless use. A Tabletop Dock, LinkConnect or wall charger recharges the battery. 

In wired mode, the Handheld Touchscreen communicates to the system via a LinkConnect cable, which also powers and charges the Handheld. The LinkConnect tether attaches to the Handheld and the LinkConnect Portable Jack for use wherever you need control for long periods of time. 

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Control where you need it

The Tabletop Dock connects to the Paradigm control system using a standard or Power over Ethernet connection. This stylish base station for the Handheld Touchscreen provides a secure docking location and can be tilted to a range of angles for operation and viewing. When your Handheld Touchscreen is undocked, the Table-Top Dock provides powerful MeshConnect wireless connection to the Handheld Touchscreen.

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Wireless Coverage

The optional MeshConnect Access Station allow you to move throughout your facility, using your Touchscreen for lighting control. Each Access Station provides a coverage radius of 100 feet (30 meters), and connects to the Paradigm control system over LinkConnect.

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