Ceiling High Bay Sensor

Ceiling / High Bay Occupancy Sensor

The MOS sensor is a wireless, self-powered vacancy/occupancy sensor for rooms, offices, and high bay locations. - self powered/solar energize, 225 hour life in the dark, excellent transmission range.

The MOS is one of the most technologically advanced in the wireless controls industry. Powered by six solar cells , the MOS can operate without battery backup for over 225 hours . An efficient power supply and tuned sensor circuitry allows the MOS to provide immediate response on occupancy states making it an ideal solution for auto-ON applications.

The new 21 series of MOS sensors advanced features:

  • Available in 928, 902 and 868 MHz
  • range confirmation LED indicator ensuring a reliable connection to the host
  • solar energy harvesting LED indicator for optimal sensor placement
  • start assist battery available

While retaining:

  • options for small-motion (1000 sq. ft.), large-motion (1900 sq. ft.) and high-bay (6300 sq. ft.) coverage
  • Wireless, self powered vacancy/occupancy sensor
  • 225 hour life in the dark
  • omni directional for 360 degree energy harvesting
  • operation in low light conditions
  • walk test features
  • sensitivity setting to eliminate false triggering
  • simple tap configuration to establish occupancy timing