Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Convenient and trouble-free temperature control.  

The Aero Temperature Sensor can be used along with lighting control systems in specific applications to provide easy temperature adjustments for increased energy savings. Using specialty SimpleTap sensors, the Aero sensor detects the absolute temperature in its surrounding environment and provides manual set-point adjustments. 

The temperature sensor can be placed anywhere - just peel off the backing on its adhesive and attach it where you need easy temperature control. With the optional set-point control, you can adjust the unit to the lowest point and place it in an out-of-the-way location to ensure that the temperature in areas like stairwells doesn't get too cold or so you don't waste energy by running the heater too high.  

The Aero Temperature Sensor is also available in a magnet-switch version that can be attached to windows and doors. This option is perfect for hotels, condominiums and dormitories. If an occupant opens a window to cool a room off, the sensor will automatically detect the change and adjust the temperature settings so you're not paying to heat the great outdoors.

The solar-powered operation of the sensor allows it to run up to 24 hours on a full charge. And it can run unattended - there are no wires or batteries to service or swap out.

Product Features

  • Wireless and battery-free 
  • Peel and stick flexibility 
  • Powered by Light™ solar power  
  • Integrated set-point control and magnet switch variants available 
  • Available in white