SmartClick Keycard Station

SmartClick Keycard Station

The key to simple, local energy management

For venues like hotels, Unison Aero SmartClick Keycard Stations provide an easy solution for occupancy-based energy management, without the hassle or cost of installation and maintenance. The stations harness the power created from inserting a keycard into the slot, which depresses an internal switch to turn the lights on. Removing the card turns the lights off again.

Unlike standard keycard lighting controls, the Aero SmartClick Keycard Stations don't require you to cut into your wall to install them. Aero stations are completely wireless, battery-free, and don't use a backbox. Simply peel and stick the keycard station wherever you need an entry station, knowing you will never have to open the unit to change a battery. It will keep on working, guest after guest. 

Product Features

  • Wireless and battery-free 
  • Peel and stick flexibility 
  • Powered by You™ kinetic energy harvesting 
  • Available in cream, ivory, black, white, brown and almond