Resonate Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors

SimpleTap Resonate Sensor

No more wasting light on an empty room

Unison Aero® Resonate Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors provide occupancy and vacancy sensing in attractive new packaging. These sensors work with 902MHz Aero Control Systems to provide manual-on/auto-off functionality, so you choose when the lights go on without worrying that you'll forget to turn them off when you leave. Resonate Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors also support an auto-on mode (auto-on mode), turning the lighting on when occupancy is detected.

Resonate Occupancy Sensors

Resonate Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors capture and store available light in order to power itself, completely eliminating the need for batteries. They are perfect for areas like conference rooms and classrooms that remain unoccupied for extended periods of time. Resonate Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors are available in ceiling-, wall- and corner-mount form factors

Product features
  • Wall-, corner- and ceiling-mount form factors
  • Magnetic- or screw-mount options
  • Small- and large-room coverage options
  • Walk test
  • Sensitivity level switch
  • Peel-and-stick flexibility
  • Self-powered by Powered by Light™ technology