There’s an ETC fixture that’s right for you

The ETC family of fixtures brings you lighting solutions for use indoors, outdoors, on the stage, in the studio or wherever you need sculpted, highly controlled light. We offer a range of high-power and low-wattage luminaires – durable ceramic metal halide fixtures, high-efficiency tungsten units, and color-rich and clean white-light LED luminaires – to give you the right tools for each of your applications.

Source Four®

The industry standard. With three million units illuminating venues around the globe, Source Fours have redefined the lighting industry. No other luminaires provide such power or imaging excellence, and with a range of choices – from profile spots and PARs to fresnels, zooms and automated luminaires – there is a Source Four for every lighting position.

Source Four LED™

Source Four-quality light… from an LED. Source Four LED luminaires are the best of both worlds: the familiarity and optics of the trusted Source Four brand combined with the efficiency and color control of the ETC Selador Desire™ line of LED luminaires.

Source Four LED CYC

The Source Four LED CYC adapter turns any Source Four LED luminaire into a superior tool for lighting cycloramas, with a bright, even beam that provides the smoothest coverage ever seen. Its x7 Color System™ capabilities add artistry to the stage.

Source Four Mini™

Don’t let their size fool you. Source Four Mini luminaires pack the trusted optics and operation of full-sized Source Four units into a compact, 23cm body that is perfect for small-scale installations.

Source Four HID

The lighting punch of a Source Four designed specifically for architecture. Source Four HID fixtures feature the cool beam, imaging, pattern projection, and bright, even field as other Source Fours, but with an efficient, 12,000-hour long-life lamp designed for any commercial environment.

Selador Desire®

Elegance in LED lighting. Designed with the expansive color-mixing capabilities of the x7 Color System, the Desire line creates beautiful, multidimensional light for any application. Offering ultra-smooth dimming, an intuitive user-interface, and settings to customize light performance, Desire luminaires don’t compromise light quality.

Selador® Classic

Effective LED lighting for any application. Selador Classic striplights feature the most complete color spectrum of any LED fixture – the x7 Color System – and mix up to seven LED colors for warm and cool whites, subtle tints, brilliant pastels, and vibrant jewel tones.

Layers of Light

Lighting professionals work with layers every day, whether it's layering back-, side- and front-lighting into a scene; layering colors to create a look; or layering conventional, automated and LED luminaires into a rig. ETC's microsite gives you ideas to achieve the most beautiful, most effective light with the right blend of layers.