Unison Aero SmartClick Station

Lighting control wherever you need it!
Simple. Wireless. Battery-free.

Aero SmartClick Stations feature single- and dual-rocker switches run by the power of touch – wirelessly and battery-free – to switch lights on and off. Easy peel-and-stick backing lets you put the stations where you need, with no follow-up maintenance.  read more

Unison Aero SmartClick Keycard Station

The key to simple, local energy management.

Aero SmartClick Keycard Stations are the solution for wireless, battery-free occupancy-based energy management in hotel rooms. The stations are activated and powered by inserting or removing a keycard to turn lights on and off.  read more

Unison Aero SmartClick Wave Station

Unique design, clean installation

Aero SmartClick Wave Stations are a sophisticated, easy way to control lighting. They are wireless, battery-free and Powered by You. The sleek faceplate includes peel-and-stick backing that lets you adhere the stations anywhere, even on glass.  read more

Unison Aero SimpleTap Light Sensor

Use the light around you for maximum energy savings.

Aero SimpleTap Light Sensors detect and measure a room’s available natural lighting, saving energy by triggering controllers to adjust the output of electrical lighting sources. The sensors are wireless, battery-free and solar-powered.  read more

Unison Aero SimpleTap Occupancy Sensor

Occupancy and vacancy detection for increased energy savings.

Aero SimpleTap Occupancy Sensors use occupancy and vacancy detection capabilities to turn lights on and off. The solar-powered sensors can run up to 90 hours in complete darkness, and are wireless and battery-free.  read more

Unison Aero SimpleTap Window and Door Sensor

Open the door to convenient lighting control.

The wireless, solar-powered Aero SimpleTap Window and Door Sensors trigger lights to turn on or off when a door or window is opened or closed.  read more

Unison Aero Occupancy Sensor Interface

Turn any wired sensor into a wireless sensor.

Aero Occupancy Sensor Interfaces power with third-party sensors to trigger any of the Aero-family controllers for wireless lighting control.  read more

Unison Aero SimpleTap Cubicle Controller

Local occupancy sensors for individual lighting control.

Aero SimpleTap Cubicle Controllers are local occupancy/vacancy detection devices that can be attached underneath desks or on cubicle walls in individual or open office spaces.  read more

Unison Aero Power Sensor

Combine public areas into your lighting system for energy-saving control.

Aero Power Sensors fit inside junction boxes to create a bridge between the building’s time clock and local Aero systems to sweep off lighting in separate rooms.  read more