Rack Mount Kit

Add Your Control System to a 19’’ environment

An optional rack mount kit can be installed on the Quicktouch controllers and Foundation. This will allow your Rigging Control System to be installed in a standard 19’’ equipment cabinet, alongside with all your other control equipment.  read more

External E-Stops

In addition to the E-stop built into each QuickTouch and Foundation controller, additional remote E-stop stations can be incorporated in each system (up to 3 remote E-stops with Quicktouch and 6 remote E-stops with Foundation).

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Quicktouch and Foundation Remote Control

QuickTouch Controls for Prodigy Fixed Speed Hoists are installed within line-of-sight of the hoists. Drapes, scenery, even performers can obscure that view. ETC manufactures a wired remote control operator station with a 35’ pendant that can be plugged to the QuickTouch Control to operate the hoists.

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Enable Switch

In addition to the remote control, the Foundation Control can be enhanced with a wired Enable Button that allows an observer to allow a cue to operate when the space is clear. This is a hold-to-operate switch that permits the selected and assigned cue to operate.

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Locking Cover

An optional locking hinged cover can be installed on the QuickTouch Controller. Also, an independent locking cover can be installed on the Foundation Controller to limit access to either unit.

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