QuickTouch® Controllers

Intelligent operating stations for fixed-speed motors

With five controller configurations, the easy-to-use QuickTouch controllers activate and monitor the lifting functions of Prodigy fixed-speed hoists and all system safety factures.  read more

QuickTouch+ Controllers

Affordable, user-friendly controls for combination fixed- and variable-speed motors

Providing storage of three trims and two limits per motor, QuickTouch+ provides intuitive and inexpensive control for systems with mainly fixed-speed motors and a small number of variable-speed motors.  read more

Foundation® Rigging Controller

Fixed- and variable-speed control of Prodigy hoists

The Foundation rigging controller is the sophisticated, yet intuitive, user interface for variable-speed or combination fixed- and variable-speed rigging systems, controlling up to a total of 48 motors.  read more

ETC Rigging™ controllers: a family comparison

Product Family Rigging™
  Eos Gio Ion
Product Name QuickTouch QuickTouch+ Foundation

User Interface

Display • 2.8”
• Full graphic
• Monochrome
• 2.8”
• Full graphic
• Monochrome
• 15”
• Full graphic
• Full color
User input keyswitches,
multi-touch screen,

General Features

Number of hoists 1, 4, 8, 12, 24 4, 8, 12, 24 48
Fixed-speed control yes yes yes
Variable-speed control no yes yes
Multiple control stations no yes no


External E-Stop station Up to 3 Up to 3 Up to 6
Number of motors displayed on screen 1 1 48
Number of trims per motor 1 • 2 user limits
• 3 trims
• 2 user limits
• 7 trims
• 2 system trims
Move multiple motors in different directions no no yes
Cue stack no no yes
Number of access levels 2 2 6
Generation of inspection report Installer laptop Installer laptop yes
System commissioning Installer laptop Installer laptop Onboard

*more detailed chart for download