Theater of Nations, Moscow, Russia

Few theaters around the world have such a long, rich and tumultuous history as the State Theater of Nations in Moscow, Russia. It stands as a testament to the importance of the arts, having survived many challenges. A recent large-scale renovation means the theater’s tough times are a thing of the past, and an equipment upgrade – including a new lighting system starring an ETC Eos® lighting control console and Source Four® fixtures – prepares the Theater of Nations for its promising future.

Bring It On, New York City, New York

“Eos is not just viable, but good. It doesn’t just handle a show, it goes above and beyond. It can take anything we throw at it. This time, we threw a huge show at Eos and it performed flawlessly.” – Jason Lyons, lighting designer for Bring It On

Source Four

The fixture that changed the lighting industry

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Source Four Zoom

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Source Four jr

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Source Four jr Zoom

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Source Four PAR EA

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Source Four PAR MCM

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Source Four PARNel

PAR optics with Fresnel focus

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Source Four MultiPAR

High-output flood lighting

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Source Four Revolution

The Revolution of brilliance

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Source Four Fresnel

A Fresnel that’s a Source Four.

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