Source Four XT HID

Source Four HID Zoom performance for the great outdoors

The Source Four XT HID Zoom is a bright and energy-efficient Source Four lighting fixture that is rated for outdoor, all-weather use. It was designed to be unobtrusive in any location -- from outdoor architectural installations to themed environments.  read more

Source Four HID Fixtures

Source Four lighting power – anywhere!

Source Four lighting power for architecture!  read more

Source Four HID jr

Compact Source Four lighting-brilliance for tight spaces

The conveniently compact Source Four HID Jr - A 26º, 36º or 50º spotlight with 12,000 hr. lamp life!  read more

Source Four HID jr Zoom

Zoom spotlight flexibility for the realities of architectural lighting

If you're looking for the field-angle versatility of a zoom profile spot with the affordability and design of a smaller fixture, then you're looking for the Source Four jr Zoom.  read more

Source Four HID PAR

Brilliant light washes for architectural applications

Source Four HID PAR, ETC’s architectural washlight fixture.  read more

Source Four HID PARNel

Multiple architectural lighting effects – dramatic pools of light or room-filling washes

The clean, even wash from Source Four PAR optics, 25º - 45º variable field adjustment for on-site changes, a lamp with phenomenal longevity.  read more