Lambeth College, London, UK

A Further Education college in south-west London has become the first European recipient of ETC Unison Paradigm, ETC’s architectural control system.

Blessed Kateri Church, Santa Clarita, CA

When Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Parish in Santa Clarita, California, needed to plan the lighting for their new church, they called upon the services of lighting designer Bridget Williams, of Bridget Williams Lighting Design, in Apple Valley, California. “They wanted to fully modernize their lighting system while highlighting their unique interior design,” says Williams. She specified ETC’s energy-saving Unison® Paradigm® architectural control system.

Unison Paradigm Responsive Controls

Tap into the energy-saving capabilities of your Paradigm system
Paradigm Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors cut down on wasted electricity by ensuring the lights are on only when a room is in use, and Paradigm Light Sensors regulate light levels so you’re not overlighting an already well-lit space.read more

Unison Heritage Button and Fader Stations

ETC’s Unison Heritage Control Stations are used in lighting systems worldwide, from smaller-scale venues like schools, restaurants and houses of worship to large-scale networked convention centers and theme parks. Elegant and clean-lined, Unison Heritage controls are designed to complement – not to compete with – the aesthetics of any interior environment, while being easy to install using LinkConnect. Artful but durable, the Heritage stations are engineered to stand up to the daily abuse of busy public areas.read more

Unison Paradigm Architectural Controls

Built from the ground up with performance, reliability and ease of use in mind, the powerful Paradigm Architectural Control Processor module contains state-of-the-art electronics and is packed with input and output ports. The familiar and easy-to-navigate interface has a large graphic and text display.  read more

Unison Paradigm Software

Big soul. Big power. The biggest computer brain with powerful processing power is nothing without a soul – powerful software. Amid a score of hardware innovations, the single most important part of ETC’s Paradigm system is our potent LightDesigner™ software. We created an entire operating system ready to run your unique applications.  read more

Unison Control Enclosures

The most sophisticated buildings require the most sophisticated lighting control solutions. For large-scale, multifunction, multi-partitioned venues where the stakes for system reliability are high, ETC offers the most comprehensive architectural control available: Paradigm™ control in an ERn enclosure. Convention centers, houses of worship, resorts, casinos, cruise ships, and theme parks need ERn.  read more

Unison DRd with Paradigm Control

When you select Unison Paradigm Control in the DRd enclosure, you get the best of two worlds – unparalleled lighting control, with full-featured dimming.  read more

Unison Paradigm Central Control Server

Unleashes more Paradigm power!

The Paradigm Central Control Server unleashes more power and functionality in ETC’s Unison Paradigm® architectural line, greatly expanding its scope of lighting control.  read more

Unison Paradigm 7" Touchscreens

Paradigm’s elegant and compact Touchscreen controls complement your interior design – customized to your décor and color scheme – while putting lighting and building control at your fingertips.  read more

Unison Paradigm Handheld Touchscreen

Unison Paradigm Handheld Touchscreen is an elegant portable control device that can be used wired or wirelessly.  read more

Unison Paradigm 18" Touchscreen

The big picture of architectural lighting control

The 18” Touchscreen is for Unison Paradigm™ systems that utilize the Paradigm Central Control Server™. This high-resolution LCD interface allows users to have the types of graphical controls and information displays they need for managing their large lighting systems -- at the tap of a finger.

  read more

Unison Paradigm Tabletop Dock

Put your Touchscreen controls wherever you need to access them most – on a conference table, at a podium or on any other work surface.  read more

Unison Paradigm Handheld Access Station

Stay connected. The HandHeld Touchscreen’s optional MeshConnect Access Station allow you to move throughout your facility.  read more

Unison Heritage Interface Stations

Not all system interaction is with people: a variety of Heritage interface stations (DMX in and out, network, AV serial, contact-closure, and more) are available when interaction with other building systems or peripheral equipment is required. Our interface stations are designed to look as good as your wall stations.  read more

Unison Paradigm Station Power Modules

The Paradigm™ Station Power Module series provides the LinkConnect power for all of your Unison Heritage™ and Paradigm stations. Based on Echelon's LonTalk® protocol with LinkPower, LinkConnect allows you to communicate over a two-wire, topology-free data bus – simplifying system wiring. And the Paradigm Station Power Modules with LinkConnect send power, along with communication, down the same pair of wires.  read more