With Congo’s powerful capabilities and ease of use, I’m positive we’ve made the right choice. Congo satisfies all of our moving light control needs. Now our theater can handle any performance.
- Ziyun He, lighting designer, Zhongshan Cultural and Arts Center

This is a very powerful design tool. I’ve used all of the other popular intelligent lighting consoles and I’m pleased we chose Congo.
- Scott Wasson, master electrician, Holland Performing Arts Center, Omaha, Nebraska

Congo has the ability to control conventional theatrical fixtures and modern, complex concert equipment. This type of system configuration is especially important in musical theater. That’s why Congo is also used in St. Petersburg theaters such as the Mariinsky. With Congo, you can control individual channels, responsible for – for example – worklights, director’s board illumination and smoke machines, yet not deter from the main lighting.
- Mikhail Mekler, head lighting designer, Mikhailovsky Theater of Opera and Ballet, St. Petersburg, Russia

Congo lets us do a lot of things in a much more elegant, much simpler way than we could with a conventional desk.
- Jim McCandliss, Sound Investment Enterprises, talking about Hope Chapel in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

We have one Congo for each of the two auditoriums, one for touring and the other two consoles provide the backup facilities. With a lighting inventory that consists of PAR cans, 24 of which are ETC Source Four PARs, a range of profiles, including 65 Source Four Zooms and 48 Source Four jrs, fresnels, floods and moving heads, we needed a console that could look after everything. With Congo it is easy to be a lighting designer – it’s a good theater desk with powerful features and is very logical.
- Nils Haagenrud, resident lighting designer, Hålogaland Teater, Tromsø, Norway

In our theater, the Congo console became an 'extension' of the lighting designer's hand, binding art and technology and making it possible to personify any artistic vision.
- Vladislav Frolov, lighting designer, N. P. Fomenko Theater, Moscow, Russia


Polish Public Television (TVP S.A.), Poland

Poland’s broadcasting market is one of the largest in Eastern and Central Europe. Polish Public Television (TVP S.A.) is the largest broadcaster in the country – with an average of eight million viewers – and is one of the largest public stations in Europe. Steeped in history, TVP was created in 1937, the first television channel in Poland. Transmission was short-lived when the studio was destroyed in 1939 by the advancing German army. The studio officially reopened on October 25th, 1952, with the first Polish telecast following the war.

Westlake Village Studios, CA

In 2006, the Dole Foods Corporation decided to extend its message of healthy living by opening the Westlake Village Studios, a 40,000-square-foot TV broadcast facility that is part of the Four Seasons Westlake Village Hotel in California. The studios’ productions focus on wellness and include viewer-education on nutrition, exercise and health. Outfitted for professional-grade production, the studios employ a full ETC lighting control system.

Rent, Johannesburg, South Africa

ETC, through dealer Prosound, has supplied equipment for the South African production of Rent, which opened at the Alexander Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa, in July, and has now gone on tour across the country. Included in the rig are some 75 ETC Source Four® spotlights -- 10º, 19º, 26º and 36º field angles -- controlled by an ETC Congo™ lighting control console and SmartPack® dimming.

PC Congo

Take your Congo with you!

Using the same graphic displays as ETC’s Congo lighting control desk, PC Congo provides an operating environment similar to the console itself. With a built-in Console Mimic dock and a complete set of alphanumeric-keyboard shortcuts for commonly used commands, PC Congo is a useful tool for backup, playback, and managing your show data.

  read more


Time to Play!

Congo® is high energy with a large work surface, lots of faders and short commands for fast results. Built on a theatrical tradition, Congo offers extremely flexible options for go-button or live event "on-the-fly" playback styles. 21st-century lighting rigs are no problem for Congo with its tools for conventionals, moving lights, LEDs and media servers.  read more

Comparison Chart

Product Family Congo
  Congo Congo jr Congo Kid
Product Name Congo Congo jr Congo Kid

System Capacities

Maximum Outputs 6144 6144 1024
Maximum Channels 3072 3072 256 or 512
Channel Faders 40x40 pages 40x40 pages* 40x7 or 13 pages
Cue Lists / Sequences 999 999 999
Groups 999 999 999
Presets 9999 9999 (for all three consoles) 9,999,999
Focus, Color and Beam Palettes 999 999 999

Physical Controls

Trackball built-in, mouse/parameter control/
display list scrolling
optional, pointing device only      optional, pointing device only 
Rate controls split, spring-loaded crossfade rate controls,
tap rate
tap rate tap rate

* With optional Master Playback Wing or Universal Fader Wing.