I would recommend Ion to any school that is interested in providing their students with the ability to program and control moving lights, without having to face the learning curve of a traditional rock-and-roll moving-light console.
- Paul Theisen, master electrician on staff, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania

I found Ion to be easy to program on, and the 2x10 fader wing put added flexibility at my fingertips.
- Lee Goldstein, lighting design student, North Carolina School of the Arts, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

With Ion, moving light design is not as much of a headache as it can be. Mainly it makes ‘multiple-attribute instrumentation’ – all the parameters of moving lights – easier to control.
- Rob Ross, lighting design student, North Carolina School of the Arts, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

There are many good light boards for programming moving lights, but Eos is the only one created with the lighting designer in mind.
- Brian Gale, Lighting Designer, LA Opera production of Wagner's Ring Cycle

It just seems to me that these are the most theatre-based of consoles -- with the best technical support available as well.
- Paule Constable, multiple Olivier-Award-winning lighting designer


Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

ETC’s increasingly popular Ion® lighting control consoles have received rave reviews since several appeared at the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland this August.

English National Ballet, UK

ETC has supplied a range of lighting and control equipment to English National Ballet, including an Eos and an Ion control desk through new console dealer London Light Production Services.

Kentucky Center, Louisville, KY

The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts (KC) produces more than 700 shows a year, from ballet to symphony, Broadway to opera and much more. That means a show virtually every day in their performance spaces, which include the 2,406-seat Robert S. Whitney Hall, the 619-seat Moritz von Bomhard Theater and the 139-seat Boyd Martin Experimental Theater (Mex). When KC had the opportunity in 2009 to upgrade its lighting equipment, they chose a complete ETC package, with controls, dimming and fixtures.

Eos Ti

Channel your purpose

Unmatched depth in a system that speaks your language and uses logical programming syntax. Ti’s large, articulating multitouch displays give you ample real estate for Magic Sheets. With discrete user workspaces, Ti adapts easily to the needs of programmers, designers, ALDs, and stage managers – all at the same time.  read more


Fuel for the road

Gio is a compact lighting control desk with Eos-family programming DNA that saves space and handles shows of all sizes. Ready to go on tour, Gio is fuel for the road.  read more


Power in a portable package

All the power and ease of Eos in a small, portable package. Whether you are a power programmer or new to mixed rigs, Ion is easy to use and expands as your knowledge grows.  read more


The basics of lighting control, redefined

Element – the fundamentals of lighting control in a simple stand-alone console. Element is affordable, easy to learn and designed expressly for small lighting rigs controlled by students and volunteers. Element gets you started in lighting control – and then takes you where you want to go, controlling small sets of movers and color changers.  read more

Comparison Chart

Product Family Eos
  Eos Gio Ion Element
Product Name Eos Ti Gio Ion Element

System Capacities

Maximum Outputs 16,384 8192 3072 1024
Maximum Channels 10,000 10,000 10,000 500
Channel Faders n/a n/a as per optional
fader wings
40x3 pages
Cue Lists 999 999 999 1 main
Cues 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
Groups 1000 1000 1000 1000
Intensity Focus, Color and Beam Palettes 1000 Each type 1000 Each type 1000 Each type 1000 Each type
Presets 1000 1000 1000 NA

Physical Controls

Playbacks 10 x 30 pages + Master 10 x 30 pages + Master 10 x 30 pages + Master 1
Submasters 300 300 300 300
Multi-function Encoders 6 + virtual controls 4+ virtual controls 4+ virtual controls multiple, virtual only
Backup Via Eos RPU3 or other desk Via Eos RPU3 or other desk Via Eos RPU3 or other desk N/A
Multi-User 12 12 4 N/A
Partitioned Control Yes Yes Yes N/A