Smart Solutions - at a Smart Price

ETC's Smart Solutions means simple but powerful lighting gear for every event - gigs, industrials, touring productions, school plays, church pageants, festivals, small theaters, and more.

Your own ETC Smart lighting system. Set it up anywhere and light like a pro. There are even compact and affordable Smart Solutions for you permanent lighting needs. All backed up by smart 24/7 ETC customer support.

No production is too small to have great lighting systems by ETC.

Smart Solutions CE Components


Way more than a two-scene preset board. This is an ultra-compact console with serious power under the hood. Take it to a gig or make it your back-up board in a DMX system. Available in three configurations, SmartFade gives you big ETC lighting control quality at a compact price. More >


A ‘mini rig’ for SmartBars and Source Four fixtures! More >

SmartPack Portable PacksSmartPack Portable Packs

The SmartPack Portable Pack is a compact, budget-friendly dimmer that can go anywhere. It features twelve 2,3kW dimmers, six 3kW dimmers, or three 5kW dimmers, and 32 built-in presets and a sequencer. More >

SmartPack Touring SystemSmartPack Touring System

The SmartPack Touring System is a flexible, reliable, high-performance dimmer in a compact, sturdy format built for the road. It has a two- or four-pack design and a choice of outputs. More >


SmartBar provides an integrated dimming and fixture mounting solution for compact low-power applications. More >


ETC’s SmartModule combines a proven dimmer design with portable packaging to provide yet another economical ETC Smart Solution™. More >

SmartFade MLSmartFade ML

The super-compact moving-light control console from ETC. SmartFade ML provides professional features like palettes, parameter "fan" and built-in dynamic effects with an easy-to-learn direct-access style of operation. More >

SmartPack Installation RacksSmartPack Installation Racks

Venues big and small can have professional-quality power control, thanks to ETC’s permanently-installed SmartPack units. With four wall-mount versions – SmartPack, SmartPack ThruPower Switch, SmartPack ThruPower Relay and SmartPack Relay – there’s a wide variety of budget-friendly solutions for today’s lighting loads… and those yet to come. More >