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Good distribution equipment can be as important in a high-stakes entertainment environment or architectural lighting system as any of the more glamorous components. With ETC distribution the show goes on, because we understand what's at stake. We never underestimate the power of the small things.

ETC has designed distribution products for maximum reliability and durability. And we know how hard you work already, so we made our components as easy to install and use as possible. We left no outlet unturned. From junction and pigtail / outlet boxes to connector strips and more, we obsessed over everything from component fit to manufacturing criteria to assembly techniques to field assembly and installation to give you the best and most affordable UL Listed distribution solutions available. We're also specialists in custom distribution. Whatever the size or scale of the lighting installation – from city-block-long conference centers to small community theaters-in-the-round – we'll tailor the distribution solution to meet all needs.