Unison Aero

Aero Lighting Controls

There is an easy Aero lighting solution for your venue, whether retrofit or new build. Powered by You™: Aero control stations use kinetic energy to run your lights with no battery or wiring involved, and can be placed anywhere you need them. The control line also includes sensors that measure available natural lighting or detect occupancy and vacancy so you don't waste resources lighting unused spaces. All of the products are intended for simple, rapid deployment and optimal energy conservation.

Aero Power Controls

Turn your existing lighting system into so much more. Aero power control products can be added to the lighting already at work in your venue, to give you convenience, added functionality, and complete energy management. Create distinct lighting levels or add dimming and automatic on/off capabilities to individual rooms. Many of the products interface with occupancy/vacancy and light sensors, so you'll see energy savings right away.