Unison Mosaic Show Controllers

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Unison Mosaic Tessera™ Panel Controller (MTPC)Unison Mosaic Tessera™ Panel Controller (MTPC)

A “tessera” is a tile in a greater mosaic but also an object of beauty itself. The Unison® Mosaic Tessera Controller (MTPC) is both a part of a greater sophisticated networked system and a standalone full controller in itself, in an elegantly compact local touchscreen. More >

Unison Mosaic Designer SoftwareUnison Mosaic Designer Software

Unison Mosaic Designer Software provides the framework for creating your unique work of art. Everything you need is here: from importing project plans for system layout, to positioning lighting fixtures and other devices in the plan, to editing triggers and timelines, picking specific colors, programming special effects, mapping pixels to an array, playing back video clips, visualizing the results, and uploading your show. More >

Unison Mosaic Show Controller XUnison Mosaic Show Controller X

Extreme show control. The Unison Mosaic control system offers a network fabric rich in strength and flexibility for most applications -- lighting and LED arrays, kinetic-art displays, media and facility-wide special effects -- enough power for almost any venue or event. But there are exceptions – installations where yet more control is needed. In those cases, the Mosaic Show Controller X range is the exact choice. More >

Unison Mosaic Remote I/O ModulesUnison Mosaic Remote I/O Modules

Expand your reach. The Mosaic Remote Input/Output Modules (MRIOs) expand the advanced show-control capabilities of the system in interactive installations, allowing lighting and AV to respond instantly to the environment or viewer. More >

Unison Mosaic RemoteManager SoftwareUnison Mosaic RemoteManager Software

RemoteManager, a part of the Mosaic software suite, allows a user to managing multiple installations remotely, using the Internet. More >

Unison Mosaic Audio Video ControllerUnison Mosaic Audio Video Controller

The Unison Mosaic Audio/Video Controller (AVC) completes your installation with audio and video capabilities using the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, tailored to media delivery. The AVC can easily integrate with Mosaic Lighting Control for synchronized playback of A/V and Lighting elements. Video data is stored on the controller, and can also input a live video feed. Two streams can be simultaneously decoded for smooth transition between videos or sources. More >

Unison Mosaic Button StationsUnison Mosaic Button Stations

Mosaic Button Stations (BPS) interface with any Mosaic Controller (MSC, MSCX and MAVC) over a standard Power over Ethernet network. With support for up to 100 stations in a single system, button stations can be placed remotely to trigger any system timeline. Simple addressing using a rotary switch is provided on the rear of the station, and Mosaic Designer software is used to assign button actions and LED indicator responses. More >

Unison Mosaic DMX/RDM SplitterUnison Mosaic DMX/RDM Splitter

The Mosaic DMX/ RDM Opto-splitter (MSC-OPTO) distributes multiple outputs of a single DMX universe from a Mosaic control system to other devices. The DIN-rail mounted splitter is the perfect accessory for any Mosaic Control System. More >

Unison Mosaic Ethernet SwitchUnison Mosaic Ethernet Switch

The Mosaic Ethernet Switch (MSC-NET) allows for multiple Mosaic Controllers or Accessories to be network together. The MSC-NET offers five unmanaged Ethernet ports, with four ports also providing Power over Ethernet (PoE). The DIN-rail mounted switch is the perfect accessory for any Mosaic Show Control System. More >

Unison Mosaic Remote Audio DeviceUnison Mosaic Remote Audio Device

Expand your reach. The Mosaic Remote Audio/Timecode Module (MRIO-A) expands the advanced show-control capabilities of the system in interactive installations, allowing lighting and AV to respond instantly to the environment or viewer. As an accessory to the Mosaic Show Controllers™ (MSCs), Mosaic Show Controller X™ (MSCX), and Mosaic Audio/Video Controller (MAVC) the MRIO-A device offers connections for stereo audio input or linear timecode and MIDI timecode input and output. The Mosaic Audio/Timecode Module employs familiar, simple and reliable Ethernet-wiring topology with IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Up to a four MRIO-A modules can co-exist on a network as part of a distributed system. More >