Sensor3 240V Installation Racks (HSR)

Compact, modular power control

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ETC offers a wide range of compact Sensor3 racks that meet the needs of any venue, including the Sensor3 240V UL Installation Rack. You can choose which modules you need – Sensor3 installation racks are completely modular. Up to 48 modules for a maximum of 96 channels of 3kW dimming are available from just one rack and can be installed without any tools.

An optional backup station lets you have plug-and-play control of presets, while Advanced Features (AF) racks give you monitoring with dimmer-specific information – load changes, lamp failures, breaker trips and more. Embedded current and voltage sensors are constantly monitored and analyzed, diagnosing and reporting dimmer-specific faults for you.

Product Features

  • Six-, 12-, 24-, and 48-module configurations
  • Dual 3kW and 5kW dimmers
  • Standard, enhanced, and high rise-time choices
  • Front-access installation with easily accessible line, load and control terminations
  • Innovative bussing design
  • 10,000A Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)
  • Direct Ethernet control signal input as well as two DMX512 inputs
  • Standard system and rack monitoring with diagnostic reporting
  • Advanced Features (AF) option records and monitors dimmer-specific load information