SmartFade ML

Small rigs rock with hands-on moving light controls

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SmartFade ML provides professional features like palettes, parameter “fan” and built-in dynamic effects with an easy-to-learn direct-access style of operation. With a capacity for up to 24 moving lights and an additional 48 intensity channels (dimmers), and the ability to patch to two complete universes of DMX512A (1,024 outputs), SmartFade ML gives you all the control you need for smaller rigs.

SmartFade ML’s color-coded backlit keys make it easy to operate in the dark, without requiring additional worklights. The keys and built-in LCD displays also provide status feedback for the rig, without the need for an external monitor.

Get smart – get moving, with SmartFade ML moving light control.

Product Features

  • Direct access controls
  • 24 groups, 24x3 palettes (focus, color, beam)
  • Parameter “Fan”
  • 144 24-step sequences
  • 199-step Stack sequence
  • Manual or timed fades
  • Move Dark auto-marking function
  • Built-in pan/tilt and linear effects
  • “Snapshot” temporary memory storage
  • Master fader and blackout button
  • Bumps, master fader and solo
  • Two complete DMX universes of output
  • MIDI in and MIDI out

Comparison Chart

Product Family SmartFade
  Smartfade 1248 Smatfade 1296 Smartfade 2496 Smartfade ML
Product Name SmartFade 1248 SmartFade 1296 SmartFade 2496 SmartFade ML

System Capacities

Maximum Outputs 512 512 512 1024
Maximum Channels 48 96 96 48+24 devices
Channel Faders 24x2 pages 24x4 pages 48x2 pages 24x3 pages
Cue Lists / Sequences 1 main + 48 1 main + 48 1 main + 48 1 main + 144
Cues 199 199 199 199
Memories 288 288 576 288
Groups n/a n/a n/a 24
Focus, Color and Beam Palettes n/a n/a n/a 24

Physical Controls

Playbacks 4x12 pages 4x12 pages 4x12 pages 12x12 pages*
Submasters 24x12 pages 24x12 pages 24x12 pages 24x12 pages*
Multi-function Endoders n/a n/a n/a 3