Congo Kid®

Congo lighting-control style in an affordable package designed for smaller venues.

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Comparison Chart

Product Family Congo
  Congo Congo jr Congo Kid
Product Name Congo Congo jr Congo Kid

System Capacities

Maximum Outputs 6144 6144 1024
Maximum Channels 3072 3072 256 or 512
Channel Faders 40x40 pages 40x40 pages* 40x7 or 13 pages
Cue Lists / Sequences 999 999 999
Groups 999 999 999
Presets 9999 9999 (for all three consoles) 9,999,999
Focus, Color and Beam Palettes 999 999 999

Physical Controls

Trackball built-in, mouse/parameter control/
display list scrolling
optional, pointing device only      optional, pointing device only 
Rate controls split, spring-loaded crossfade rate controls,
tap rate
tap rate tap rate

* With optional Master Playback Wing or Universal Fader Wing.