SmartModule 2

Anywhere dimming, anytime

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DatasheetsLanguageDate / VersionSize
SmartModule 2 UL DatasheetEnglish (US)06-2011949Kb
ManualsLanguageDate / VersionSize
SmartModule 2 Setup and Connect GuideEnglish (US)07-20123.0Mb
SmartBar 2 & SmartModule 2 Bi-Phase Power Connection Install GuideEnglish (US)06-2012327Kb
SmartModule 2 Accessory Mounting Kits Installation GuideEnglish (US)03-20104.0Mb
Product SpecsLanguageDate / VersionSize
SmartModule 2 UL SpecEnglish (US)03-201170Kb
SmartModule 2 CE SpecEnglish (GB)06-201072Kb
Other DownloadsLanguageDate / VersionSize
Smart Solutions BrochureEnglish (US)11-20111.0Mb
Building Information Models (BIM for RevIt)LanguageDate / VersionSize
SmartModule 2 BIM Files02-20141.0Mb
Release NotesLanguageDate / VersionSize
SmartBar 2 and SmartModule 2 v2.0.0 Release NoteEnglish (US), English (GB)02-2010662Kb
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