Finally -- bright, pure white from an LED fixture, plus cool hues and warm colors for natural skin tones.

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DatasheetsLanguageDate / VersionSize
Selador Lustr DatasheetEnglish (US)01-20111.0Mb
Design GuidesLanguageDate / VersionSize
Designing Multi-Level Cyc Lighting with Desire and Selador Classic - AN121English (US)02-2013817Kb
Designing Cyc Wash Applications with Selador Fixtures - AN115English (US)04-2011403Kb
ETC Selador Application Guide: Designing Color Stage Washes and Border Light ReplacementEnglish (US)06-201024.0Mb
Super Useful Selador Photometric CalculatorEnglish (US), English (GB)05-201055Kb
ManualsLanguageDate / VersionSize
Selador Series ETL User ManualEnglish (US)02-20131.0Mb
Product SpecsLanguageDate / VersionSize
Selador Lustr SpecEnglish (US)06-200999Kb
Other DownloadsLanguageDate / VersionSize
ETC LED Energy Rebate PackageEnglish (US)02-201420.0Mb
LED Luminaires Standards OverviewEnglish (US)07-2012192Kb
Selador Franklin Institute Installation SheetEnglish (US)09-2010429Kb
Selador Dot Poster (24x36 HiRes)English (US)09-2009556Kb
Selador ESPN Pit Studio Installation SheetEnglish (US)09-2009470Kb
Selador Fox Theatre Installation SheetEnglish (US)09-2009518Kb
Selador Jubilee Church Installation SheetEnglish (US)09-2009450Kb
Selador Palazzo Verdi Installation SheetEnglish (US)09-2009475Kb
Selador St. Ignatius Installation SheetEnglish (US)09-2009540Kb
Selador Series BrochureEnglish (US)05-20091.0Mb
Selador Series Brochure - GBEnglish (GB)05-20091.0Mb
Selador Series Application Sheet - GBEnglish (GB)04-2009435Kb
Selador Series Application SheetEnglish (US)03-2009434Kb
Building Information Models (BIM for RevIt)LanguageDate / VersionSize
Selador Series BIM Files04-20131.0Mb
Release NotesLanguageDate / VersionSize
Selador Series v1.17 Release NoteEnglish (US)02-2012215Kb
Technical DocumentationLanguageDate / VersionSize
Color Mixing with LEDsEnglish (US), English (GB)02-2010165Kb
Selador LED Luminaires - Ultraviolet (UV) Content - AN116English (US), English (GB)02-2010167Kb
Photometry FilesLanguageDate / VersionSize
Selador Series IES Photometry Data Files (LM-63-02 Format)09-0009443Kb
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