SmartFade ML

Small rigs rock with hands-on moving light controls

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DatasheetsLanguageDate / VersionSize
SmartFade ML DatasheetEnglish (US)09-20111.0Mb
SmartSoft Software DatasheetEnglish (US)05-2011370Kb
SmartFade ML Datasheet - GBEnglish (GB)02-20081.0Mb
SmartFade ML Datasheet - RussianRussian04-2007221Kb
ManualsLanguageDate / VersionSize
SmartFade Tray Replacement Retrofit ManualEnglish (US)08-20131019Kb
SmartFade ML v3.0.1 User ManualEnglish (US)11-20112.0Mb
SmartSoft v3.0.1 User ManualEnglish (US)11-20116.0Mb
Product SpecsLanguageDate / VersionSize
SmartFade ML Spec - GBEnglish (GB)10-201078Kb
SmartFade ML SpecEnglish (US)03-201076Kb
Other DownloadsLanguageDate / VersionSize
SmartFade ML Fixtures Personality Library v9.4.008-2013629Kb
SmartFade ML Fixtures Personality Library v9.4.0 Contents List08-2013533Kb
SmartFade ML Cheat SheetEnglish (US)04-201245Kb
Smart Solutions BrochureEnglish (US)11-20111.0Mb
Smart Solutions Brochure - GBEnglish (GB)11-20111.0Mb
SmartFade ML Application Sheet - GBEnglish (GB)10-2007239Kb
SmartFade ML Application SheetEnglish (US)02-2007242Kb
Release NotesLanguageDate / VersionSize
SmartFade ML v3.0.2 Release NoteEnglish (US)12-2011353Kb
SoftwareLanguageDate / VersionSize
SmartFade ML Software v3.
SmartSoft v3.0.2 for Mac35.0Mb
SmartSoft v3.0.2 for PC3.0.225.0Mb
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Comparison Chart

Product Family SmartFade
  Smartfade 1248 Smatfade 1296 Smartfade 2496 Smartfade ML
Product Name SmartFade 1248 SmartFade 1296 SmartFade 2496 SmartFade ML

System Capacities

Maximum Outputs 512 512 512 1024
Maximum Channels 48 96 96 48+24 devices
Channel Faders 24x2 pages 24x4 pages 48x2 pages 24x3 pages
Cue Lists / Sequences 1 main + 48 1 main + 48 1 main + 48 1 main + 144
Cues 199 199 199 199
Memories 288 288 576 288
Groups n/a n/a n/a 24
Focus, Color and Beam Palettes n/a n/a n/a 24

Physical Controls

Playbacks 4x12 pages 4x12 pages 4x12 pages 12x12 pages*
Submasters 24x12 pages 24x12 pages 24x12 pages 24x12 pages*
Multi-function Endoders n/a n/a n/a 3