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DatasheetsLanguageDate / VersionSize
Eos Remote Processor Unit (RPU) DatasheetEnglish (US)08-2012353Kb
Eos Remote Processor Unit (RPU) Datasheet - GBEnglish (GB)11-2011397Kb
Eos DatasheetEnglish (US)09-2011568Kb
Eos Datasheet - GBEnglish (GB)05-2011501Kb
Universal Fader Wing and Module DatasheetEnglish (US)08-2008886Kb
ManualsLanguageDate / VersionSize
Eos Family v2.1.0 Operations Manual SupplementEnglish (US)12-2013909Kb
Eos Family Show Control User GuideEnglish (US)04-20131.0Mb
Eos Titanium, Eos, and Gio v2.0.0 User ManualEnglish (US)03-201315.0Mb
Product SpecsLanguageDate / VersionSize
Eos Console SpecEnglish (US)08-2012109Kb
Eos Remote Processor Unit (RPU) SpecEnglish (US)08-201254Kb
Eos Console 4000 Output Spec - GBEnglish (GB)06-200746Kb
Eos Console 8000 Output Spec - GBEnglish (GB)06-200747Kb
Other DownloadsLanguageDate / VersionSize
Eos Family v2.1.0 Display ConventionsEnglish (US)12-2013148Kb
Eos Family v2.1.0 Facepanel ShortcutsEnglish (US)12-2013101Kb
Eos Family v2.1.0 Library Additions ListEnglish (US)12-201395Kb
Eos Facepanel IllustrationEnglish (US)08-2011251Kb
Eos Ion Display Conventions: Demystifying Eos and Ion DisplaysEnglish (US), English (GB)05-2010148Kb
The Philosophy of Entertainment Lighting Control - A White PaperEnglish (US)06-20091.0Mb
Eos Console Standard Drawing10-20081.0Mb
Release NotesLanguageDate / VersionSize
Eos Family Pixel Mapping Installer v1.0.0 Release NoteEnglish (US)01-2011224Kb
SoftwareLanguageDate / VersionSize
Pixel Map Installer v1.0.0 for Console Devices and PC1.0.0238.0Mb
Pixel Map Installer v1.0.0 for Mac1.0.0197.0Mb
ETC Touchkit Touchscreen Drivers7.0Mb
ETC Elo Touch Screen Drivers4.0Mb
Eos Ion X-Keys349Kb
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