Source Four jr Zoom

Field-angle versatility of a zoom ellipsoidal – in a compact package

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DatasheetsLanguageDate / VersionSize
Source Four jr Zoom DatasheetEnglish (US)12-20101.0Mb
Source Four Accessory SheetEnglish (US)06-20061.0Mb
ManualsLanguageDate / VersionSize
Source Four jr and jr Zoom UL User ManualEnglish (US)08-20101004Kb
Other DownloadsLanguageDate / VersionSize
Source Four Heat Information (SB016)English (US), English (GB)01-201344Kb
All Source Four CAD Blocks10-201177.0Mb
Source Four jr Zoom CAD Drawing10-20113.0Mb
Source Four Gobo Mag CalculatorEnglish (US)05-200857Kb
Source Four jr 3D Model12-200767Kb
Source Four Beamspread TableEnglish (GB)11-2000236Kb
Source Four Focus & TuningEnglish (US)11-2000490Kb
Source Four Peak and Cosine FieldsEnglish (US)11-199862Kb
Source Four Reflectors Price ComparisonEnglish (US)11-199851Kb
Source Four Lamp Retainer UpgradeEnglish (US)10-1997821Kb
Building Information Models (BIM for RevIt)LanguageDate / VersionSize
Source Four jr BIM Files07-2012550Kb
Technical DocumentationLanguageDate / VersionSize
Ultraviolet (UV) Content of ETC Source Four LuminairesEnglish (US), English (GB)12-200935Kb
Source Four jr and jr Zoom Assembly Guide (2006)English (US)09-20071.0Mb
Photometry FilesLanguageDate / VersionSize
Source Four HPL IES Photometry Data Files (LM-63-02 Format)01-2007983Kb
Source Four jr HPL IES Photometry Data Files (LM-63-02 Format)01-200747Kb
Product CatalogLanguageDate / VersionSize
ETC Lighting 2013 Fixture BrochureEnglish (US)07-20137.0Mb
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