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ETC’s Source Four LED™ is camera-ready

ETC’s Source Four LED™ is camera-ready 4/16/2012

The broadcast industry has several requirements for lighting equipment: it must be easy to use, work swiftly on the fly to keep up with fast-paced production schedules, stay cool during operation; and most importantly, the light that the gear produces has to flatter the talent and look good on screen. ETC took all of that into consideration while developing the new Source Four LED luminaire. ETC Associate Entertainment Market Manager Matthew Armendariz-Kerr explains: “We knew that if we were going to build a profile fixture powered by LEDs, it had to be worthy of the ‘Source Four’ name. Our engineers and designers were able to package our exclusive Selador LED x7 Color System in a bright fixture that is shaped and sized like a Source Four and offers the quality and functionality designers expect.”

Quality of light
ETC applied the philosophy of the patented Selador® x7 Color System™ to the Source Four LED, to create adjustable, robust light that covers more of the color spectrum than other LEDs on the market. The Source Four LED Lustr+™ takes color to the extreme, offering a nearly limitless range of hues, from vibrant colors and smooth pastels to subtly tinted white light. The super-efficient Source Four LED Tungsten™ fixture produces warm-white light, and the Source Four LED Daylight™ luminaire offers maximum brightness in cool white light. All three render skin tones and sets naturally, and have a projection-quality beam that compares to a traditional Source Four®.

The Source Four LED luminaire can be used for smooth washes or a clean beam of focusable light. And it actually beats other Source Four fixtures when it comes to image clarity. Coupled with a Source Four EDLT (Enhanced Definition Lens Tube), the Source Four LED produces a sharp beam edge for crisp, clear images.

Made for the studio
A big concern about lighting in a small, enclosed studio is temperature regulation. Lights that give off a lot of heat can quickly overwhelm a set. Replacing them with Source Four LEDs can cut down on heat generation, resulting in a cooler environment. The Source Four LED’s lack of heat at the gate also means templates won’t warp, lose color or burn.

Fade capabilities in LED fixtures, with choppy, noticeable dimming, have typically fallen short of what’s necessary in broadcast lighting. ETC changes that trend with the Source Four LED, which boasts a tungsten fade curve for subtle dimming. “During filming,” explains ETC Product Marketing Manager David Lincecum, “lighting designers can be confident knowing that their fades to black are smooth and right on cue.”

Color-changing fixtures are usually difficult to use on the set due to the amount of noise they make. The Source Four LED changes colors silently, so designers can take advantage of the x7 Color System without worrying about disrupting what’s happening on the set. And, the fixture works seamlessly with color pickers on lighting control consoles, so designers can quickly choose a gel color for a scene. If the color isn’t the exact hue needed, designers can tap into the x7 color range and adjust the color until it’s just right.

The Source Four LED’s user-interface is another made-for-the-studio highlight. Users can select the color performance of each fixture, with settings for tungsten or RGB matches, maximum brightness, HSI mode, separate white-point control, and more. There’s also a special ‘Studio’ mode that configures three-parameter control of white light to give broadcast designers the right tools for the job.

“We’ve spent a lot of development effort making sure the product is right and that it delivers the best possible look,” says Armendariz-Kerr. “The Source Four LED looks, feels, and focuses like a Source Four, with the added benefits of an intelligent fixture.”

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