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ETC Sensor®+ dimming for Lisbon’s Teatro da Trindade

ETC Sensor®+ dimming for Lisbon’s <i>Teatro da Trindade</i> 11/17/2011

ETC’s Portuguese dealer Luzeiro has supplied lighting and dimming for the Teatro da Trindade in the center of Lisbon. The theater, owned by Fundação INATEL, had an old system that was badly in need of an upgrade. The question, says Luzeiro’s commercial director Vitor Paiva, was how to fit new dimmer racks — which would serve the theater’s main stage — into the small available space.

“Teatro da Trindade has been our client for several years and came to us with a challenge,” says Paiva. “In the end, we fitted over 264 channels of ETC Sensor+ dimming into four dimmer cabinets. Sensor+ was a natural choice for the theater’s technical director Carlos Garcia, who wanted a quiet, compact dimming system that would easily fit into the space. Meanwhile, the technicians insisted on easy access to dimmer information and status, and easy removal of the dimmer modules for repair when needed. Sensor+ provided the solutions.”

ETC’s Sensor is one of the most popular dimming systems available, used in theaters worldwide. Its plug-in modularity allows for greater configurability, customization and easy maintenance, and offers a wide variety of risetimes to suit customers’ noise requirements, and a wide variety of amperages to match their luminaires.

Luzeiro’s technical director João Pedro Correia, supervised the installation and performed the commissioning. Luzeiro has in the past also supplied Teatro da Trindade with numerous ETC lighting fixtures — Source Four® jrs and Source Four Zooms.

Paiva adds, “ETC’s projects and sales departments were really helpful in determining the setup that would be needed, as well as providing excellent post-sales assistance, which really impressed the theater’s managers.”

Teatro da Trindade offers main-stage dramas like Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge (Do Alto da Ponte) or Jean Paul Sartre’s Bariona; smaller-stage pieces like Conor McPherson’s one-man-show The Good Thief (O Bom Ladrao); as well as concerts and children’s productions.

Photo credits: Teatro da Trindade