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ETC releases aRFR remote-control app for Android users

ETC releases aRFR remote-control app for Android users 10/21/2011

Following the popularity of ETC’s iRFR app for iPhone, iPod, iPad and iPod touch, ETC has developed a similar app for Android devices – the aRFR. Available through the Android Market, the aRFR offers the same functionality as the iRFR at the same price. The app allows users to turn any Android device into a touchscreen-based remote controller for Eos®- and Congo®-family lighting consoles, Eos and Ion® Remote Processor Units and the Congo Light Server.

The aRFR app requires Android software v2.2 or higher and Eos-family software v1.9.6 or Congo software v6.1 or higher. Any user can download the program without factory hardware. Security controls provided in the app prevent unauthorized access to lighting control systems.

Like the iRFR, there are two versions of the aRFR: one that supports Behind the Scenes [US and Canada/The ESTA Foundation] and one that supports Light Relief [UK]. Both organizations provide aid for entertainment-technology workers faced with difficulties like medical emergencies. All of the proceeds from the sales of the iRFR and aRFR are donated directly to the organization selected by users.

The aRFR trial app is free from the Android Market. The free program disconnects every ten minutes and requires users to reconnect to make it work again. After five days of use, the Connect button will no longer be available. When assured that the application satisfactorily functions on the Android device in use, users must then purchase the application, choosing either the aRFR BTS or aRFR LR.

More information about the aRFR is available from ETC’s website.

[Android is a trademark of Google Inc. iPhone, iPod, iPad and iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.]