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Oldest Siberian theater gets modern makeover with ETC products

Oldest Siberian theater gets modern makeover with ETC products 4/10/2014

The Tobolsk Drama Theater Named for P.P. Yershov is thought to be the oldest theater in Siberia, with performances dating back to the 16th Century. Today, the theater is one of Russia’s most technologically advanced venues, having just undergone a massive reconstruction project that doubled the building’s square-footage, added a second stage, and upgraded its stage equipment. As part of the Yershov Theater’s renovation, ETC dealer Imlight installed a lighting system with ETC fixtures, entertainment controls and architectural controls.

The Yershov Theater’s large hall was expanded and made more flexible thanks to stage machinery that can transform the space into different configurations to fit each event, from big-name theatrical performances to puppet shows. Imlight installed nearly 400 theatrical fixtures – including ETC Source Four® spotlights, Source Four PARs™, Source Four PARNels®, Source Four Fresnels™ and Source Four Zooms™ – alongside moving lights in order to keep up with the hall’s busy schedule and ever-changing layout.

Controlling the large hall’s complex mixed rig is an ETC Gio® lighting control desk. Gio makes it easy for board operators at the Yershov Theater to program moving lights and other intelligent fixtures, because it has two large touchscreens that logically display control functions. Additionally, an ETC Unison® Paradigm® architectural control system is used for houselights and worklights. The Paradigm system has a central workstation, the stage manager and lighting programmer have portable Paradigm touchscreen controllers, and there are button stations located throughout the hall for added convenience. The button stations allow anyone on the theater’s staff – even non-technical workers like custodians and security personnel – the ability to turn the lights on in the house, on stage or wherever they’re needed without requiring special training. The Paradigm system is integrated into the overall lighting system, so the stage manager can control the light on the stage during rehearsals without having to turn on the Gio desk.

The Yershov Theater’s lighting staff can transition smoothly between the large hall and the theater’s new, more intimate, small hall, where an ETC Ion® system controls the lights, because both the Ion and Gio desks run Eos®-family software. The rig in the small hall has a more modest 120 theatrical spotlights, including 24 Source Four fixtures and 48 Source Four Fresnels.

The reconstruction project on the Yershov Theater began in 2011, and was completed in 2014, with the grand reopening held on February 28th. Since then, the ETC equipment has been spectacularly lighting a broad range of shows, launching the historical venue into a new era of theater.