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ETC introduces new architectural lighting control system

ETC introduces new architectural lighting control system 5/29/2008

After winning a string of awards for console innovation, ETC is breaking the next ground with new technologies in architectural-lighting and building control. Its much-anticipated new Unison® system was recently debuted to the North American market, at the Lightfair 2008 (May) and InfoComm 2008 (June) tradeshows, in Las Vegas. Across the Atlantic, lighting professionals will have their chance to witness the new Unison system when it is unveiled to the European market at the PLASA 2008 trade fair, 7-10 September, in London.

Amid a score of innovative hardware and software products in the new ETC Unison line, the centerpiece is the Paradigm™ lighting control system. Named for a new way of thinking, Paradigm delivers a new level of comprehensive facility-lighting and building-systems integration. Exclusive to ETC expertise, the Paradigm system fuses architectural lighting-control advances with entertainment-lighting control technologies for the best of each. ETC’s Architectural Market Manager Joe Bokelman says, “Today’s buildings demand sophisticated coverage from their control systems. They want dramatic effects and dramatic efficiencies. And by ‘sophisticated’ they also urgently mean easy to use.” Unison’s new Paradigm system provides that multifaceted solution: green-minded energy-management tools that capitalize on daylight-harvesting, occupancy sensing and time schedules for maximum electricity and budget savings, combined with a deep library of lighting fixtures (conventionals, moving lights, LEDs, and more) for dynamic effects; and cutting-edge networking to speak fluently to different devices from different manufacturers over the same control system. “We’ve engineered Paradigm to address the whole space – bringing the beauty of well-controlled light in line with today’s environmental concerns and real-life lighting needs.”

The new Unison Paradigm family of products includes powerful software, elegant touchscreens and wall stations, modular dimming and control enclosures, and convenient accessories, to offer the most customizable and intelligent control systems available. Designed to be scalable, Paradigm controls any complexity of venue – making it ideal for corporate installations, hotels, casinos, schools and centers of higher learning, museums, houses of worship, office buildings, conference centers, and more.

The genius in Paradigm’s groundbreaking functionality is its LightDesigner™ software. ETC has created an original operating system to run unique applications. Says Bokelman, “For years, an architectural lighting control system had been viewed as a static ‘press-a-button, lights-come-on’ set of functions. If you wanted real-time control or to design on the fly, you had to turn to an entertainment control console or a lighting playback controller. With Paradigm LightDesigner, you can configure the system to enable you to press a button and have the system manage lighting states for you automatically. Or you can use the software and the system together as if they were a console, programming dynamic lighting events.” LightDesigner includes an extensive palette of features to address and simplify all facets of the control process, from installation and configuration through lighting design and daily use. And each person – from systems installer to lighting designer to facility technician and even non-technical staff -- has been taken into consideration in the design of Paradigm.

In addition to the broad spectrum of Paradigm system capability, ETC’s new Unison system also encompasses the smaller-scaled SmartLink® system, offering plug-and-play architectural lighting control. The budget-conscious SmartLink now includes the new TimeClock, seizing the enhanced energy efficiencies of time-of-day control. The SmartLink Architectural Control Processor (ACP) in the new Unison DRd dimming enclosure brings the benefits and ease of modularity to small and mid-sized lighting venues.

The new Unison continues ETC’s leadership in networking and open standards. Unison draws on innovative core technologies, including LinkConnect (freedom to wire control stations however needed), NetConnect (data plus power using Power over Ethernet and no external power supplies), and MeshConnect (wireless connectivity for portable touchscreen controls).