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ETC introduces groundbreaking DMX Emergency Bypass Controller™

ETC introduces groundbreaking DMX Emergency Bypass Controller™ 2/17/2012

ETC is an industry leader in the production of emergency-lighting systems, with a range of products that assure safe egress in any venue. We’re adding a new product to our emergency-lighting lineup – the DMX Emergency Bypass Controller. The DMX Emergency Bypass Controller fills a critical need for today’s lighting that no other manufacturer has addressed.

Venues all over the world have added LEDs to their lighting systems, and an increasing number of theaters, concert halls and houses of worship are replacing their traditional houselights with LED fixtures. While LED houselights can reduce energy costs and cut down on lamp replacement, they also present a new challenge. In the event of a power outage, fire alarm or other life-safety situation, houselights must provide emergency illumination. DMX-controlled LEDs and other light sources typically return to a default setting during a system fault, and that state is usually all off. That can leave the hall completely dark, making it dangerous for visitors, especially during building evacuations.

ETC’s new DMX Emergency Bypass Controller solves this problem. The Bypass Controller takes over a single DMX512 universe, allowing DMX512-controlled lights to function as normal or emergency fixtures. The UL924-Listed DMX Emergency Bypass Controller is compatible with other emergency-lighting products, such as ETC’s Emergency Bypass Detection Kit (EBDK). Both serve as part of an emergency-lighting plan that must include a complete UL1008 emergency power transfer system. In the event of a loss of utility power or other emergency situations, systems like ETC’s Emergency Lighting Transfer System (ELTS2) switch from normal to emergency power. That means that the lights stay on, keeping a venue safe for all occupants.

The DMX Emergency Bypass Controller’s compact size makes it an easy fit for installations of any size, and it can be added to existing lighting systems. Its basic operation requires no commissioning, but custom settings are also available, such as DMX snapshot, contact input, and panic-look release.

“Designers and engineers had recently begun requesting a product like this,” says Joe Bokelman, ETC architectural market manager. “There was no other product on the market that ensures that DMX-controlled houselights operate safely and reliably. In keeping with ETC’s commitment to safety and using our experience in the emergency-lighting field, we developed the DMX Emergency Bypass Controller to fill that void and meet UL924 standards.”