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ETC introduces new Unison Aero™ architectural control system

ETC introduces new Unison Aero™ architectural control system 1/18/2012

Around the globe, thousands of venues rely on ETC’s Unison® architectural lighting control family: Unison Paradigm® systems combine architectural- and entertainment-lighting capabilities for facility-wide control; Mosaic™ products provide unparalleled capacity for artistic show control; and the SmartLink® line makes professional-quality architectural lighting control accessible for even the smallest or most budget-limited installations. ETC is once again expanding the Unison family to bring intelligent control to even more facilities. The Unison Aero line offers cost-effective, energy-saving control for existing or new lighting systems in hotels, office buildings, dormitories, conference rooms, classrooms, nursing homes, retail outlets, restaurants and any retrofit or new-build project.

“A more budget-conscious mentality and new energy rules have changed the commercial lighting market,” explains Joe Bokelman, ETC architectural market manager. “Many companies are looking for ways to update existing systems to meet current energy codes, without busting their budgets or having their business interrupted by a long installation process. They want to be as green as possible without compromising convenience. That’s where Aero comes in.”

Unison Aero’s SmartClick™ control stations are completely wireless, so they can be placed anywhere a light switch is needed. The stations don’t contain a battery, and are Powered by You™, a patented system that harvests the kinetic energy created when turning them on and off. That means there is never a spent battery to swap out and no electrical energy necessary to run them. Aero lighting control products also feature sensors for daylight harvesting and occupancy/vacancy detection for smarter energy use. Most of the sensors are Powered by Light™: they use light-gathering photo panels and can store a charge for days while in complete darkness. The result is a return on investment in just weeks or months thanks to reductions in energy and installation costs.

Even in existing systems, Unison Aero can add lighting control at the fixture level. With controllers compact enough to fit inside junction boxes or fixtures themselves, Aero power controls can be used to create distinct lighting levels or give dimming and automatic on/off capabilities to individual rooms. In spaces like classrooms, for example, Aero power controls can control groups of lighting fixtures separately, so a teacher could switch off a row of lights above a projection screen before showing slides.

Unison Aero systems can be installed quickly because they don’t require any infrastructure changes or wiring. Aero SimpleTap products auto-configure to perform expected lighting control functions when only basic components are installed. Even for facilities that need more specific functions or the ability for stations, sensors and controllers to work together in one or more rooms, the Aero system can be programmed without specialized training or tools. Says ETC Architectural Controls Product Manager Bryan Palmer: “With Aero, hotel rooms can be retrofitted in the time it takes to clean the room, an entire dormitory can be retrofitted over spring break, and stores can be retrofitted without having to close their doors to customers.”

Unison Aero systems are truly scalable, providing universal ‘one-light, one-switch’ control. Aero can also be integrated with other Unison-family systems and provide direct control of DMX-based lights and dimmers using the specialty controllers.

*Please note: Currently, the Aero family of controls is only available to the North American market.