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ETC’s tiny Tessera™ touchscreen controls complex effects

ETC’s tiny Tessera™ touchscreen controls complex effects 11/30/2011

ETC named its new touchscreen lighting-control product after the ancient word for ‘tile.’ As ETC’s Architectural Market Manager Joe Bokelman explains, “A tessera is a tile in a greater mosaic but also an object of beauty and utility itself. Our Tessera is both a part of a greater sophisticated networked system and a standalone full controller, in a compact interface.”

The versatile Tessera, or, Unison Mosaic Tessera™ Controller (MTPC) is now shipping.

A sleek new addition to ETC’s Unison® line of architectural control, Tessera combines a 4.3” touchscreen with a 512-channel DMX-Over-Ethernet Mosaic controller. Complex lighting shows as well as devices like moving lights, color-mixing LEDs, conventionals, and dimmers can all be controlled by Tessera. It also handles impromptu show control, accessories, automation, waterworks, and other non-lighting effects.

“Imagine color-changing lights in the lobby of a mall or an office tower that can go through dynamic effects, seasonal looks, or subtle lighting events—without requiring a massive control system that no one knows how to use,” says Bokelman. “Tessera provides simple access, standalone touchscreen control, at your fingertips. Tessera is a complete controller, capable of mastering an entire installation—while also integrating with a larger Mosaic installation.”

Mosaic Designer™ software v1.9 is also now available for download from ETC’s website, . This new version includes support for Tessera, with TouchEditor™ software for creating customized touchscreen designs. More information on the new Tessera and Unison Mosaic™ is available at

Photo/caption: ETC Mosaic Tessera™ touchscreen