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Lightek and ETC hold seminar in Odessa

Lightek and ETC hold seminar in Odessa 11/28/2011

On October 19, 2011, more than 60 theater professionals from all over Ukraine gathered in Odessa for a seminar hosted by official ETC dealer Lightek. The seminar, ‘New lighting equipment, design and engineering for modern theater,’ included the demonstration of several of ETC’s latest innovations.

ETC Eastern European Sales Manager Armin Kloss and Field Project Coordinator Florian Maier presented ETC’s newest Selador® Desire™ LED luminaires, including Lustr®+, Vivid™, Ice™ and Studio HD™ variations. The PAR-shaped fixtures are based on the x7 Color System™, which combines up to seven colors of LED emitters onto each fixture to produce the most flexible range of saturated colors and the cleanest whites. The Selador Desire Lustr+ array provides variable white and tinted light, Vivid produces vibrant color, Ice offers bold cool-spectrum colors, and Studio HD provides spectrally balanced, Kelvin-adjustable white light. Each Desire array is available in a bright forty-emitter D40™ chassis, a brighter sixty-emitter D60™ chassis, and a forty-emitter XT™ chassis for outdoor use, and features a user interface with optimized settings for specific lighting tasks.

Kloss and Maier also demoed the new ETC Source Four Fresnel™ fixture, which combines traditional Fresnel optics with ETC’s acclaimed Source Four® HPL lamp technology. The fixture’s dichroic reflector design means it produces the same lumen output from its 750W HPL lamp as other 1000W Fresnels.

The Lightek seminar also included a presentation of the Congo Kid™ lighting control console. The newest member of the ETC Congo® family of control, Congo Kid is available in 250- and 500-channel versions with 1024 DMX outputs and 40 Master Playback faders, and has all of the software features of the Congo and Congo jr™ consoles. Congo Kid offers clean functions for everyday theater work with conventional lights, plus advanced control of color scrollers, LED luminaires, moving lights and media servers.

ETC’s SmartModule™ 2 was also on display at the seminar. The fan-free, convection-cooled, plug-and-play SmartModule 2 is available with four or six dimmers, and can be mounted on a wall, hung on a pipe or set up on the floor. It offers presets, local control capabilities, a choice of dimmer curves, and 20 preprogrammed chases for unattended operation.