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ETC announces Eos® software v1.9.8 release

ETC announces Eos® software v1.9.8 release 11/15/2011

ETC has just released a new version of software for the Eos family of control (Eos, Ion®, and Element™). The v1.9.8 release adds new features to the whole console family.

The software can be downloaded from either the Eos-family product pages or the Downloads page, where you can also find the v1.9.8 manual supplement. We have revised the Element manual to be concurrent with v1.9.8, so Element users do not need the manual supplement. Offline software and Client software should be updated at the same time. A video detailing the new features offered in v1.9.8 is available on the product pages, or in our YouTube library at

Changes have also been made to the console keycaps, and upgrade kits can be ordered through ETC’s Customer Service department, by a link available when downloading the software from the website, or through customers’ local dealers.

Features for the entire Eos family

  • Shift function added to speed programming and provide additional syntax options
  • In earlier software releases, when a secondary cue list or submaster was released, content was always returned to the master playback; now content is released to the last owner of those channels/parameters
  • Cue lists or submasters can be set to Background Disabled to make playback ineligible as a background state
  • When a submaster is faded toward zero, content can be released to the background state (the default) or the submaster can be set to fade those parameters toward their minimum value
  • A setup option allows users to define default mark time; all marking lights will use this time unless overridden in cues with discrete timing
  • Startup and shutdown macros can both be entered and will be fired automatically when the Master comes online or powers down
  • Supports all ETC Selador® Desire™ luminaires, including RDM
  • Software dimming of Littlelites (requires firmware update on Eos)

Features for Eos and Ion only

  • Most tools that open in the CIA can be set as a favorite; when the display button is pressed, the ‘favorite’ will be displayed rather than the browser
  • Re-task of Lowlight to selected but not specified fixtures
  • Rem Dim functions specifically for Highlight operations can include a preset reference
  • Live Rem Dim can include a preset reference
  • Support for channels 1 to 99,999 (Eos and Ion still support 10,000 channels, but they can now be numbered from 1 – 99,999)