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      Product Name

      Product Name

      Irideon FPZ

      Lighting with distinction

      Irideon FPZ pairs the best of the Source Four® Mini LED platform with exceptional output and a sleek industrial design to light your space with elegance and subtlety. Available for use with our DataTrack® system, the feature-rich design is perfect for museums, lobbies, and retail environments. 

      Truly a Source Four fixture at heart, Irideon FPZ boasts its own set of enhancements such as lockable 3-plane shutters, zoom optics, and the ability to dim using either DMX or a local dimming knob located on the DataTrack adapter. But the beam is still everything you expect and more; Irideon FPZ puts out over 800 lumens, 33% brighter than Source Four Mini LED and every bit as pleasing to the eye with a wide selection of color temperatures. 

      FPZ gives you the versatility you need to create the beautiful light you want from an integrated, unassuming design that won’t dominate your space.

      FPZ DataTrack model

      More than you expect

      • Over 800 lumens, 33% brighter than Source Four Mini LED
      • Lockable, 3-plane shutters
      • Zoom optics
      • DMX or locally dimmed
      • Dimming to less than 1% of maximum output

      The Source Four touch

      • Exceptional optics, beam, and brightness
      • Rotating barrel, pattern slot, and integrated media frame
      • Backed by ETC’s award-winning service and support


      Tailored to your needs

      • Offered in black, white, silver, or custom colors
      • Available in 3000K, 3000K Gallery, 4000K, and 5000K LED color temperatures
      • 120V and 230V versions
      • Operates with ETC’s DataTrack distribution system
  • Product Name

    NEW - FPZ Portable 

    Shown at LDI and shipping January of 2017

    The FPZ Portable will be the newest member of the FPZ family. It takes the existing FPZ fixture and adds a new mounting option. Up until now, the FPZ was only available for DataTrack applications. Adding the c-clamp brings this versatile little fixture into a wider variety of venues.