ETC Selador® LEDs and Eos® console light up the Healing Place Church

Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Healing Place Church takes its name from its mission: to be “a healing place for a hurting world.” To this end, they minister through webcasts, national television broadcasts, and direct outreach to their local community. Healing Place Church recently built a new worship center on their 55-acre campus. Playing a key role in lighting this new multipurpose facility are ETC Selador Vivid™ LED fixtures and an ETC Eos control console.

"I had a massive cyc curtain to light from the air -- 27 feet tall by 75 feet wide," states lighting designer Wendell Basinger of Baton Rouge. Basinger specified 14 of the six-cell Vivid units, placing them end to end across the entire length of the cyc. “No other fixtures that I'm aware of could give the punch that I needed. The Seladors blend in well, and with each cell individually controllable, the options for chases and blending colors are endless.”

With live video playing a significant role in the ministry of the church, it is critical that the cameras also like what they see. “In the past, we experienced other LED lighting flickering on camera,” states Toby Bohl, TV production manager at Healing Place Church. “With the Selador fixtures, we did not experience that. We are very pleased.”

Bohl continues, “Because of the number of fixtures we need to wash the cyc curtain, we were also very concerned about the heat load in that area.” With saturated colors requiring less energy from Selador fixtures compared to tungsten fixtures, and less heat translating into lower HVAC costs, Selador has made for a greener installation. “With these LED fixtures, we have far more control over the heat that is experienced at that part of the stage. They have been great from the energy-consumption standpoint.”

With one and a half DMX universes used for Selador lighting, plus four ETC Sensor®+ dimmer racks, an infrastructure to support up to 100 moving lights, and a volunteer lighting team -- choosing the right control console was critical to the installation’s success. After evaluating their options, Healing Place Church chose the ETC Eos console to master the lighting variety.

"We needed the ability to control virtually unlimited DMX universes, as well as to interface with media servers,” explains Bohl. “Eos enables us to do that with ease." And with up to 16,000 control addresses available via the Eos, Healing Place Church will be ready for any production they might bring into the 3,000-seat auditorium.

Eos’s control over Selador’s seven-color LED functionality streamlines lighting design and show setup: “We have a very large video screen in front of the cyc curtain,” Bohl describes, “and at times we have ‘eye candy’ video running on the screens. Eos's color picker makes it very easy to match the colors on the curtain to the video.”

Houses of worship must look for value, reliability, and longevity in equipment: “We put a long-term investment into play with purchasing Eos,” Bohl continues. “We wanted to be able to go in and just update, rather than having to replace the entire console as we grow."

Basinger echoes the experience of many technologically progressive, production-oriented churches: “You need a console that is strong with both moving lights and with conventionals. I'm very pleased with how both Eos and Selador are serving Healing Place Church."


Healing Place Church, Baton Rouge, LA

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“No other fixtures that I'm aware of could give the punch that I needed. The Seladors blend in well, and with each cell individually controllable, the options for chases and blending colors are endless.”
-- Wendell Basinger, lighting designer

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