Choosing a lighting system

So you are thinking about a new system for your space and you are not entirely sure how to proceed. Start by thinking about the different ways the space is used, what your basic lighting needs are from day to day, and what you may need to add to be able to go above and beyond the everyday. Having a good foundation of equipment is the first step in creating the perfect visual environment.
System Overview

Need a little help understanding the basic components of a lighting system? These two basic layouts will help you understand the simple differences between an entertainment-based system such as a theatre and an architectural-based system like a restaurant or meeting room.

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ETC Solutions

These guides are intended to help you as you start to think about the actual ETC products that you may need for your project. Each guide presents a slightly different view of a system, building on features, quality and expense. Suggested products are shown for each of the main components – fixtures, distribution, networking, dimming, and control.

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