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Penn State University School of Theatre

The Penn State University School of Theatre operates three main performance venues, producing six Mainstage productions, 12-15 "Off-Centre" productions (Penn State is in Centre County), and numerous student one-acts and workshop events, along with a three-show professional summer season, known as PA Centre Stage. The school is completing a major renovation to the largest space, which will be home to their current Eos desk. The Eos will be the heart of a cutting-edge networked system of lighting control, incorporating five full racks of ETC Sensor®+ dimmers, an ETC Eos RPU and an RVI, an ETC Ion® backup/remote console, and over 60 ETC Net3™ ports throughout the space.

Penn State Professor and Lighting Designer
William Kenyon says...

"The Eos desk continues to perform well for us under a myriad of challenging circumstances. We recently opened a production of Palmer Park, directed by Dan Carter. In addition to the complex lighting and sound needs of the show, we incorporated hundreds of still and moving images on three screens built into the set. Despite the added multimedia elements, this was one of the smoothest tech periods we've had, due in part to the ease and flexibility of programming the Eos. As an educator, I am thrilled by the 'simple complexity' of the desk. I can teach a freshman actor on the run crew how to operate the desk very quickly, and they are soon up to speed with the operation of intelligent fixtures and saving cues. The desk also lends itself well to training moving-light programmers, in that there are many levels of features and controls available. The Eos is certainly the most in-demand item in our inventory these days!"