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ETC began more than three decades ago with the conviction that there was a better way to make a lighting control console. There was. We developed one of the first microprocessor-based systems, which boasted the then blindingly fast 2MHz 8080 CPU! Now our popular lighting control consoles – including the Eos®, Congo® and Smart Solutions™ lines – are thousands of times more powerful than those groundbreaking early versions.

We also found that the HPL lamp is a better way to create brilliant light in the Source Four® – with unmatched light output and energy savings. Over 3 million award-winning Source Four fixtures are now lighting venues and productions worldwide. In addition, we offer a better way to seize the efficiencies of LED lighting with the eco-friendly Selador Series™. Selador LED luminaires give you the punch and power that theater and broadcast productions require, plus a stunningly beautiful, unprecedented seven-color range.

With our Unison® line, comprising Paradigm®, SmartLink®, and Mosaic™ products, we give you a far better – and greener – way to handle sophisticated architectural lighting, as well as building-systems and dynamic show control.

We are also dedicated to safer, smarter and more affordable ways to operate. After working on thousands of lighting installations worldwide, we have developed a new range of rigging products with the same spirit of pioneering technological innovation as in our lighting equipment. ETC Prodigy™ hoists and QuickTouch™ controls literally raise the bar.

ETC is constantly changing, adjusting to fit your needs. We've grown from a few college-student entrepreneurs in 1975, to over 700 talented people in offices worldwide today. No matter how much we grow, we always stay close to our creative and hard-driven roots in theater and lighting design.

We also believe there is a better way to serve customers. The exceptional ETC people who have made these products possible are the real secret to our success. Our regional offices and over 200 authorized service providers around the world are ready to do what it takes to solve your problem.

The show must go on. That’s the ETC ethic.

Our Company

Welcome to our headquarters!

ETC's 325,000-square-foot headquarters in Middleton, Wisconsin, built in 2004 and expanded in 2009, is the hub of the company's global operations and an homage to the art of lighting and entertainment. Virtually a theater in its own right, ETC's 'Town Square' atrium stages a 1940's street, complete with a life-size recreation of the famous Nighthawks painting by Edward Hopper. Set-like façades such as a marquee theater and an Art Deco skyscraper hide real departments. When the 300+ ETC Source Fours in the ceiling rig are bright, the scrim-like walls create the illusion of solid city structures. When the lights are artfully dimmed by an ETC lighting control system, the workaday world of ETC materializes into view.

The building was designed by Strang, Inc., ETC CEO Fred Foster, and Erdman Development Group.

Welcome to ETC-London

A vital center of ETC’s European operations since 1995 when ETC partnered with ARRI GB, ETC’s London office is a 28-person sales and service call center serving the United Kingdom and a large segment of Europe, as well as a source of event-coordination and research and development.

In 2005, ETC’s London office moved into a new 15,000-square-foot building, complete with demo and conference spaces, which draws all the London staff under one roof. In keeping with ETC philosophy, a beautifully designed atrium serves as a gathering space for employees and guests. Paying tribute to ETC’s theatrical roots, the atrium is designed to resemble 19th Century Victorian and Edwardian theaters, complete with sculpted columns, carved archways, working stage curtains, a proscenium arch and authentic vintage seats. Brilliantly painted scrim-walls even provide the audience – including renderings of the atrium’s designers Sue McElhaney, Bill ‘Flash’ Florac, and ETC CEO Fred Foster. Visitors to the office forget they’ve entered an office building and feel like they’re stepping on stage. Reflecting the image and work of ETC, the building’s office furniture, designed by Erdman Development Group design-build architect Frank Miller, mimics the office furniture in ETC’s Middleton, Wisconsin headquarters.