ETC's APG (Advanced Programmers Group)

With the evolution of the award-winning Unison® product family, ETC offers the most complete lighting control systems on the market: Paradigm®, Mosaic™ and SmartLink®. And thanks to our legendary line of Source Four® fixtures and groundbreaking Selador® Series of LED luminaires, ETC is an industry leader for architectural lighting equipment. And we're taking lighting innovation to the next level, by offering comprehensive programming services for our architectural lighting systems, through the APG (Advanced Programmers Group).

Clients today want unique and dynamic lighting spectacles, challenging architectural lighting designers to create more than just an elegant lighting solution but something extraordinary. The full potential of a lighting system cannot be realized without complete knowledge of the equipment's capabilities. While designers know what they want the lighting at a venue to look like, they may not have the right tools to program their lighting control system themselves to achieve that look. And technicians who commission the gear may not be able to interpret a designer's ideas correctly, either. The APG programmers are ETC-trained professionals who can help designers, consultants and on-site staff make their artistic ideas a reality.

Going beyond the system commissioning and configuration that is already provided, APG programmers can program an ETC lighting system to do exactly what a designer wants, no matter the size or complexity of the installation. Lobbies, stadiums, restaurants, houses of worship, hotels and more now have access to dedicated programming services provided by the same company that produces their lighting equipment. With the APG, ETC now offers a truly complete package for architectural lighting projects: from product design and manufacturing, to commissioning and programming.

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East Coast APG


City, State

Brent Boulnois

Winter Garden, FL

Shilo Lord

Egg harbor Township, NJ

Dave Feldman

Mountainside, NJ

Andrew Thompson

Philadelphia, PA

Louis Malagrino

Suffern, NY

Seth Starr

Charlotte, NC

Grant Haase

Gary, NC

Midwest APG


City, State

Mike Watson

Minneapolis, MN

Jonathan Fuchs

Sunman, IN

West Coast APG


City, State

Casey Fox

Hollywood, CA

Eric Bloom

Denver, CO

Lea Steele

Denver, CO

Keith Neves

Hollywood, CA

Trevor Burk

Los Angeles, CA

Grant Gatlin

Santa Ana, CA


Advanced Programmers Group Information Sheet

Advanced Programming Specification