• Using an ETCNet2 DMX Node as a Merger In Version 4.x

    You cannot use a single ETCNet2 node as a DMX merger. HTP arbitration works via node address not by port address.  Port addresses on a node are arbitrated like version 3 where the lower the port # the higher the priority. 

    Imagine a scenario where you plug dmx jacks into ports 1 & 2 on a Net2 4 Port DMX Node and have configured them both as the same universe input: 

    • If you turn on a device plugged into port 2, it will input into the system properly as long as the port 1 DMX device is powered off or disconnected. 
    • As soon as the node receives DMX on port 1, it will stop listening to port 2 and begin outputting the data from port 1.  Even if the data from port 1 is removed, the node won't listen to port 2 again until it is rebooted without dmx active for port 1.

    This behaviour holds true for ETCNet2 DMX nodes and Net3 DMX gateways running in Net2 mode.  A Net3 gateway running in Net3 (sACN) mode should be able to merge multiple input ports in an HTP fashion properly.