• The Difference in Black and Beige ELV10 Covers

    Starting in Jan 2013, the ELV10 Dimmer Module (7183A1017) top changed color from black to beige (Sensor 3C Warm Gray). This signifies the implementation of ECO 500010380. This ECO increased the inrush current threshold of the ELV module. Testing has proven to be extremely important for dimming LED loads. This change also happened on the AELV5 (7183A1028) & HELV5 (7183A1055).

    Note: The ELV10-S (7050A1293), EELV6 (7070A1300), EELV6AFN (7070A1302), and the EELV6AFR (7070A1303) were developed after this ECO. Each of these have the original black top, but the change to increase the inrush current threshold has been implemented.